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Tainted Olive: Chapter 1

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Tainted Olive: Chapter 1Name: Tainted Olive: Chapter 1

You are Silvian, an adventurer down on his luck. The curtain unfolds, and we find you in an inn filled with scum and gamblers - a place where people go only when they need to forget, or be forgotten.
Dark thoughts haunt your mind while you drown yourself in wine, searching for answers that don't exist.

Soon, more urgent matters arise. You play a game of dice, gambling money you don't have with people you don't really want to do that. And then you lose. Thinking swiftly, and by causing a commotion in the inn, you manage to run outside and hide in the maze-like streets.

While wandering like this, a job offer presents itself quite unexpectedly. Will it pay enough gold to return the money you owe? You decide to investigate.

A series of events and occurrences then unfolds, and your story begins thusly.

Six chapters are planned in total, each one continuing the story and revealing more details of Silvian's life, the world around him, and the dark story taking shape.

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