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Crush the TowerName: Crush the Tower

Crush The Tower, click as quickly as you can to save the 5 princesses in the castle. Start as a poor knight with a wooden helmet, collect coins and upgrade your outfit to golden armor and a golden axe.
Click mouse or push button left and right to avoid the obstacles like blade saws, goblins, dragons and many other spiky obstacles. Crush The Tower by clicking and jump from left to right and vice versa and keep dodging the obstacles. Crush the tower is a free new fast paced arcade game.

Time is limited (see bar at the top), so keep chopping as fast as you can, each hit will give you additional time. Collect golden coins to buy upgrades in the summary upgrade menu. Get combo bonuses when you are tapping fast enough and do not hit obstacles (combo bonus = coin value multiplier).

At each 100 tower blocks you chop away, a princess is held that you have to save. The tower will get harder and more dangerous after each princess. The first 3 princesses will unlock a special potion, that should make thing easier for you to crush the castle. When unlocked the potions will appear randomly in the gameplay.

There are many Quests (achievements) that are worth extra money when unlocked. Each time there are 3 active quests you can complete to get free extra coins, check them at the top of the summary menu.

Armor upgrades Knight:
- Hammer = Each hit will buy you more time
- Helmet = Get more lives
- Armor = Coins appear more often

Power ups upgrades:
- Potions = Will drop more often
- Wombo Combo = Higher combo bonuses possible (coin value multiplier)
- Time Machine = Timer will go slower

Keep in mind that the higher you reach in the castle tower, the more lives obstacles will cost when you hit them. And time will go quicker and quicker the higher you go.

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