Free Games - en-us Monkey Go Happy: Cabin Escape Escape the cabin to make the Monkey GO Happy! Monkey Go Happy: Planet Escape Explore the Planet and fix the spaceship to make the Monkey GO Happy! Monkey Go Happy: Chocolate Find the Chocolate Bar to please the princess and make the Monkey Happy! Monkey Go Happy: Pyramid Escape Escape the Pyramid and free the camel to make the Monkey Happy! Monkey Go Happy: Escape Escape the scary castle to make the Monkey Happy! Monkey Go Happy: Magic Find all the Spells and give them to the Wizard to make the Monkey Happy! Monkey Go Happy: Lights Find all the Xmas Lights and light the tree to make the Monkey Happy! Papa's Sushiria Your day takes a turn for the worse when you break Papa Louie's lucky cat statue. Is this to blame for the restaurant's underwhelming opening day? All we know is that Papa Louie left on a wild-eyed mission and you're now stuck running the restaurant. Midnight Cinema Vova loves scary movies, when a new horror movie comes out he just has to watch it. That's why he now must get a ticket to Slash, a new slasher based on a series of true murders. Miami Rex Take eat everything on your way. Be careful because the guns are shooting from all sides, and sharks appears surprising. Upgrade your Rex to be more durable in his missions. Save the Clock Tower Clock tower lady is all out of flyers! In order to print more, she now must raise money to pay the Copy Shop. The Splitting: Chapter 2 In the 2nd chapter, Daniel arrives at an asylum, where he meets a group of people who lost their reflections. There he dives deeper into this world, and learns more details about the people he travels with. The Splitting: Chapter 1 Daniel wakes up one morning to find that his reflection is gone. Now, with his reflection missing, he discovers that he can pass through mirrors into the identical mirror-world. Parking Fury 2 Awesome parking game is back with all new levels a lot of new cars and even more fury. Enhanced graphic, trucks, trailers and busses is waiting for you. Try to avoid other cars and objects on your way and try to get all the stars. Wheely 8: Aliens Wheely and Jolie go on a picnic, but something unexpected happens. Monkey Go Happy: Army Base Explore the Army Base and collect all 16 bullets to make the Monkey Happy! Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure Hermine's jeep runs of gas in the middle of nowhere. The only gas station in the area accepts cash only, and that's a bit of a problem. Can you help Hermine get out of this forsaken place? 2D World Welcome to the 2D World - an easy, yet tremendous world of puzzles and challenges of different kind. Here you will find any types of levels, created by other players: from funny and easy ones to hard and impossible to complete. Spiters Annihilation 4 Get rid of all the monsters. No Mercy! Amigo Pancho 8: The Death Star Amigo Pancho is here again and now ready to save the world from the Death Star! Help him reach the top and be a hero. Canopy Climb and swing your way through the levels, avoiding the crazy monsters! Make Me Laugh The queen is unhappy and could use a good laugh. It's up to Richard to make her laugh or else he get's the hose again. Shop Empire Galaxy Blast off to the 23rd century and find out if you've got what it takes to run a futuristic shopping mall. You'll need to hire workers, build shops and more in this management simulation game. Cave Chaos 2 Escape the caves in our second installment of the Cave Chaos series! Quest for Pancake Manuel is hungry for some pancakes. Unfortunately, the pancake machine at the local pancake house is broken. Help Manuel get his pancakes! Cinema Madness Crazy Dad wants to enjoy a relaxing evening at the movie theater, but unfortunately everyone inside the theater is being rude and noisy. Will Crazy Dad find a way to make everyone quiet? Mr. Timan Play as Mr.Timan - a new employee in Time Company. All what you need is press red button. But may be this was not a good idea. Physics platformer with time-portals. One place - two times and different level geometry. Enjoy! Sum Tracks 2 Add, subtract, multiply and divide! Time to give your brain a workout! Sum Tracks returns in this sequel featuring eighty levels of basic arithmetic that will test your logic and help keep your mind sharp! It's a Shore Thing Eddie had plans for a fun day at the beach, but unfortunately he forgot to bring a watermelon, and he left his wallet at home. Luckily, the beach is filled with miserable people who'll help Eddie once he's solved all of their problems. Disaster Will Strike 7 The 7th installment of the addicting puzzle game Disaster Will Strike! With more challenging levels and mind testing strategy skills. Finish all the levels and unlock all the achievements and be on top of the leaderboard! Kaitlyn and the Diving Helmet The Man in Black has stolen an old artifact from Kaitlyn's grandmother. With no grown-ups in sight, it is up to Kaitlyn to save the artifact and get rid of the Man in Black, once and for all. Love Chase Last night was the worst day in Chase's life: His girlfriend dumped him, his boss fired him and he got hit by lightning. So he decided to move out of town and start a new chapter in his life. He already got a new job, but can you help him find new love? Lonewolf Can you handle it? The story unfolds... Get immersed in a deep neo-noir story driven sniper adventure game. You step into the role of a mysterious assassin. His motives are a secret. Parking Fury Have a mania for car driving and parking games? Then Parking Fury might be the right game for you! Hop on the driver's seat of your first vehicle and drive it to designated parking spot. Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer Will you escape the Puppeteer? You ran off the horrors of the dreadful house of Forgotten Hill and are finally back to your car, just to find out that your girlfriend is not there anymore! Penguineering Guide adorably reckless penguins through 30 stages of dangerous dangers! Fractured 4 Move around fractures of the screen to find your lost friend. Coloruid 2 Fill each level with a single colour, by painting and merging existing colours within a limited amount of moves. Coloruid Coloruid is a puzzle game in which your goal is to fill the stage with a single color. Select a color at the bottom of the screen and then select an area to fill with that color. You have a limited number of moves to complete each level. The World's Hardest Game 4 See how far you can get in The World's Hardest Game 4! Can you get through mazes filled with ice, water, conveyor belts, and moving platforms? Good luck trying! Orion Sandbox You'll need to survive the Orion Sandbox. Gather raw materials, pick up all the resources that you can find. Build tools that can help you in finishing the missions. Protect yourself from the zombies that will attack you as soon as darkness comes! Shop Empire Underground In this game you need to manage your mall, server the tamed zombies and grow your business. Don't forget to grow your zombies town by launching your special rocket (which is piss-based zombie). Building Rush 2 You are the boss! Manage the manufacturing and delivery of building materials to construction sites in multiple cities. Dead Samurai Survive nine battles against dangerous samurai opponents. Three fun bonus rounds included. What's Inside the Box? What's inside this box? A lot of puzzles! Can you solve all 30 and discover what is hidden inside? Vortex Point 7: Waddington Swamp The infamous Dr. Prescott visits Vortex Point to explore the mysterious Waddington Swamp. While Kevin helps him navigating around the swamp, they discover the true story behind the Waddington Swamp. Rats Invasion 3 Rats are back right now with more difficulty. How can you kill them? Fun in the Sun Andrew needs to raise $5000 ASAP or else his inn will be demolished and he will be thrown into a volcano! Try your best to save Andrew's inn and life! Omega Box Enter the Omega Box, a classified weapons testing and bio engineering facility. Survive the weapons tests, evolve into stronger forms, unlock achievements, and unveil the secrets behind the Omega Box. Bazooka Boy 3 Third installment of the addicting game of Bazooka Boy! Join him in his new quest and adventures. Collect all the golden box to finish every level! Truck Loader 5 Truck Loader is back in the fifth installment. Continue to operate the heavy duty industrial grade truck and get pass each level Zombie Demolisher 3 Part 3 of Zombie Demolisher with more blood. But this time, it wont be easy to kill them. Use your brain before they eat it. Zombie Demolisher 2 Zombie has over ran the building. The only way to destroy them is to completely demolish the building. Use the cranes attach with different type of destructive balls to obliterate everything. Make sure there are no survivors. Mexico Rex After a series of destruction, now our savage beast is heading to Mexico. Control this ferocious T-rex and eat and destroy everything that's in your way! Cube Escape: Theatre In the eighth installment of the Cube Escape series you will learn about your past, your future and what you may become. Complete all 6 theatre plays to continue your journey. Monkey Go Happy Ninja Hunt 2 Find 30 ninja monkeys in each stage and unlock the secret box to make the Monkey GO Happy! Anita's Camp Anita is the new manager of Camp Lakota and she is having some minor difficulties with one of the campers. Can you give her a hand? Crazy Mom It's CrazyDad and CrazyMom's anniversary and CrazyMom is throwing a party! Help her get all the party supplies she needs. Sinbad's Journey The famous sailor Sinbad is ready for another big journey throughout the seas, but first he must make an unplanned stop to fix his ship. The Story of Brewster Chipptooth Brewster Chiptooth has had enough of the pirate life, so he decided to leave captain Davys crew and go solo. Help him on his quest to find Jelly Wrist Logans treasure. Cover Orange: Journey. Space he Journey continues! Protect your space oranges from the acid rain. Cat Around the World: Alpine Lakes Our loved cat travels again. Now he's traveling at the Alpine lakes. Help him get the food he needs and win that great puzzle game. Papa's Bakeria You're Hired!!! But can you handle running a big-time bakery serving the most sought-after pies in town? Centered in Whiskview Mall, Papa's Bakeria gets its fair share of foot traffic from some of the pickiest customers around. Learn to Fly 3 The third game in the Learn to Fly series. This time, our penguin is challenged to not only fly, but make it to space! Civilizations Wars 4: Monsters Choose one of three races and lead your people through the Land of Giants. Battle through dozens of unique levels with different goals and gameplays, never seen before in previous games. Family Funday You play as the family man in this point and click game. You will have to bring fish and potatoes to the restaurant in order to get your family served the best fish and chips for lunch. Building Demolisher 2 Building Demolisher returns with his second delivery, where you must destroy the structure in each level by using the limited number of demolition balls at your disposal! More fun and very tragic end for Demolisher fails in its work! Cube Escape: Birthday In the seventh installment of the Cube Escape series you are celebrating your 9th birthday. Everything seems fine until the doorbell rings. Dakota Winchester's Adventures 3 Help Dakota on his journey to find the third and last ruby of Hildas box in an old abandoned mansion. The Gatekeeper After a bizarre encounter with his recently deceased grandma, Matthew understands that he now must continue his grandmothers work. Think you can help him? Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt Find 30 ninja monkeys in each stage and unlock the secret box to make the Monkey GO Happy! Monkey Go Happy Survive Survive as long as you can to make the Monkey GO Happy. Monkey Go Happy Hearts Find all 3 Hearts in each stage to make the Monkey GO Happy. Bus Parking 3D World Welcome to the 3D world of Bus Parking. This game will take you up to another level of parking. Finish all the challenging stages. Unlock all the achievements and have your name on the leader board! Piggy Wiggy 4: Zombie Edition The Piggies are out again for another puzzle game but now they were turned into zombies. Feed these zombie pigs with brains so you can go to the next level! Wheely 7: Detective Help Wheely to catch bank robbers! Amigo Pancho 7 Amigo Pancho is now in Egypt and has a mission on retrieving all the relics in every pyramid. Watch out for traps. Make way and solve the puzzle as you go along the way! Piggy in the Puddle 3 This piggy loves to take a mudbath in a cool smelly puddle just like we love a fragrant relaxing bath, if you already had one today do not pass by and make this piggy happy too. Piggy in the Puddle 2 Help this uncharacteristically clean pig reach his muddy destination. Piggy in the Puddle This piggy loves to take a mudbath in a cool smelly puddle just like we love a fragrant relaxing bath, if you already had one today do not pass by and make this piggy happy too. Forgotten Hill: Fall Your car has broken down and you find yourself searching for help alone in the woods on a cold November night near Forgotten Hill village. Maybe you can find some help in that house up on the hill. King's Strike Help the king to defend his castle. Upgrade your abilities, weapon and stay up in your tower in a great action game. Sieger 2 Kill all of the defenders and save the hostages across 68 levels! A new multi-layered design mechanic provides greater depth to the buildings, so decide carefully about where to strike. Safari Time 2 Second part of Safari Time! Step into one difficult journey, in this Safari 2, where they need your help to the zebra crossing from one side of the screen ... Where is 2016? Find the new year. Submachine 10: The Exit The grand finale of the Submachine saga. Easy Joe 4 Joe is back in another crazy adventure. Fun is assured! Easy Joe 3 Joe is back in another crazy adventure. Fun is assured! Easy Joe 2 Easy Joe wants to see the world again! Now more levels and more fun! Help him out by clicking on different objects in the environment. Team of Robbers 2 A team of thieves ready to rob houses, museums and banks! Controlling four different characters do it. Mr. Splibox: The Christmas Story Help Mr. Spilbox in defeating the evil Snow Boom and free the Spilboxes from the X-mas World! Monkey Go Happy Elves Find the Magic Elf in each stage to make the Monkey GO Happy. The Watchers' Chamber You continue your journey inside the Chambers. You feel that you are very close to finding out what the Watchers are. Continue on your quest and try to escape. Good luck! A Christmas Blackout It's almost Christmas eve and there's a decoration contest in the neighborhood. Try your best to help Paige win the first prize. Cap'n Marcela's Winter Wonderland Every year pirates from all over the world come and buy supplies at Marcela's shop at the Winter Wonderland fair. But this year, Marcela's merchandise did not arrive. Where can it be? Cap'n Marcela: Parrot Charmer Cap'n Marcela, the smartest pirate in the Caribbean is facing danger when Evil Puffy shirt Morgan is about to destroy her village. Can you help her save the village? Skip Around the World: India Skip has accidentally caused some trouble at a local restaurant while touring India. Now it's up to him to fix the damage and save the day. Sum Points: Levels Pack Test your math skills! Sum Points is relaxing, soft puzzle game with clear, simple rules. Forty one levels (or more?) will test your brain to the limit. Try to solve them all! Sum Points Test your math skills! Sum Points is relaxing, soft puzzle game with clear, simple rules. Forty one levels (or more?) will test your brain to the limit. Try to solve them all! Cubestern 2: Night Shift Save the town from a sleepless night, send all criminals to jail!